How to Remove Website Url Filed From WordPress Comment

Hello Viewers, Welcome to My Site “Shubham Blogging”. I hope all are doing good. As we know, spam comments are a huge problem for our blog. The main reason of the spam comments is the backlinks by using website url field of WordPress comment.

So I will show you today “How to Remove Website Url Filed From WordPress Comment” without using any plugin. Just add a simple

Why we receive a lot of spam comments in our WordPress Site?

The main reason is SEO or Search Engine Optimization and Backlinks. People create backlinks in the comments with the help of website url Filed.

When they comment, they add their website url, so whenever someone click on their name, WordPress redirect the people to their url which they have add in Website url field.

This is why we have to remove website url field from WordPress comment to reduce the spam comments from our WordPress site

Steps to Remove Website Url Field From WordPress Comment

Step 1 :- Login to your WordPress Dashboard

Step 2 :- Click on “Apperance” and go to “Customize”

Step 3 :- In Customize, Click on “Additional CSS”

Step 4 :- Paste the given CSS

.comment-form #url{

Step 5 :- Click on Publish


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